Non-Ferrous Metals

Hindustan Ferro specializes in offering top notch non-ferrous metals at competitive rates. Our clients have come back to us saying that the non-ferrous metals provided by us, were the best they’ve ever used. Copper, lead, aluminum, nickel, zinc and titanium are some of the commonly used non-ferrous metals that we provide.

Some of the common non-ferrous metals in which Hindustan Ferro deals in are discussed below.

  • Aluminum - 22MM to 300MM (HE30 – HE15)
  • Brass - 6MM TO 300MM (BSS249 – Free Cutting)
  • Copper - 6MM TO 300MM (Extruded)
  • Gun metal - 6MM TO 300MM (Solid and Hollow)
  • Phosphor Bronze - 6MM TO 300MM (Solid and Hollow)
  • Stainless Steel - 6MM TO 300MM (410,420,202,304,310,316)

We have a wide range of non-ferrous metals that we offer at affordable rates. Not only our rates are the best in the industry, but we use quality raw materials for manufacturing these metals. Therefore, you can easily rely on our products in terms of the quality we maintain. One of the other distinct features that make Hindustan Ferro, the most sought after provider for non-ferrous metals is the fact that we have a large amount of stock for each of these metals. So, no matter in what quantity you require them, all you have to do is to get in touch with our experts and we will give you the best quote. Another great feature of working with us is that we ensure high customer satisfaction and timely delivery of our products.

Our state of the art machinery and manufacturing unit, helps us in ensuring that we deliver all our products to the clients on time. The company’s mission is to ensure that all our clients remain satisfied with our products. We also want to reach out to maximum number of businesses who require some of these non-ferrous metals.

What makes us the best choice?

Besides, the fact that we are committed towards delivering you the right product you pay for, we also ensure that proper checks are done before the product delivery so that no issues come up later on. We also ensure that you get good customer support or after support in case you are facing any problems working with our products. We have simple payment methods and our documentation too is free from any kind of complications. We also have our own fleet of heavy vehicles and therefore you don’t need to depend on any external resources for getting your products delivered.