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Industrial sectors are always in search of the sturdiest and strongest options for choosing equipment and raw materials. Manufacturing units and heavy engineering industries always have huge demands of the right kind of metal bars and sheet. And when it comes to selecting high–performance and commercial-grade metal bars, nothing can surpass steel. Whether it is for hardcore industrial operations or manufacturing and reinforcement projects, steel is a reliable and cost effective option.

With steel bars available in different shapes, sizes, and structures, the industrial sector has huge opportunities and benefits. From heavy metal industries to construction sites, steel bars find application in numerous projects. Depending upon the specific requirements of a particular project, steel bars are available in both deformed and robust structures. Especially, with the emergence of some of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the market, buyers come across countless options while buying steel bars.

Options for construction sites

While shopping for steel bars for your construction site, you must choose to invest in round bars. With anti-corrosive nature and high strength, steel round bars find application in various projects. From construction sites and automotive industries to transportation sectors, steel round bars have crucial roles to play in diverse projects across industry verticals. These bars have two unique manufacturing processes. Let’s take a look at these highly crucial processes:

  • Hot-finished
  • Cold-finished
The process of de-carbonization performed on a mixture of nitrogen, nickel, and molybdenum leads to the formation of round bars. If you are working with these bars, the following aspects will prove to be highly beneficial.
  1. High-tolerance: Round bars have high-tolerance capacities, which make them the best options for countless projects.
  2. Non-corrosive: Non-corrosive nature ensures long life.
  3. Good surface quality: These bars come with smooth surfaces.
  4. Stain resistance: While using these bars, you will have precious little to worry about stain and rust buildup.
  5. Great visual appeal: With a lot of shine and luster, these bars impart an incredible visual appeal to the finished project.
From valves, fittings, threading bars, and vessels, to signboards, escalators, and subways, these bars are used in quite a few areas.

Choosing the right supplier

It is imperative to note that only the top-grade round steel bars can get you these benefits. Therefore, building associations with the leading manufacturers turn out to be the crucial necessity in this context. As the leaders in this arena, it is here that Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. (HFAIPL) will prove to be the most dependable partners. With in-depth knowledge about steel and metal properties along with a team of highly skilled manufacturers, HFAIPL claims to be the frontrunners in this arena. Our products, service approaches, and certifications are the prime reasons for our unprecedented popularity in the professional arena.

Reasons to choose our products

Irrespective of the projects, we have the expertise to come up with the right products for our clients. Some of the potential reasons for choosing us include:

  • Commercial-grade round steel bars
  • Perfect checking and precise management of the manufacturing to the dispatch processes
  • Perfect procurement of raw materials
  • Hassle-free deliveries and documentation
  • Diverse inventory of raw materials as well as finished bars
Other than these reasons, some other aspects will also compel you to plan you purchases with us.
  1. Swift downtime: Whether it’s a colossal project or a small-scale industrial requirement, we will deliver the finished product within the shortest time span.
  2. Expertise: Our professional expertise is one of the major highlights of our products and services. We make sure our clients experience 100% satisfaction while using our steel round bars.
  3. Comprehensive assistance: From the manufacturing and production to dispatch and delivery, we offer comprehensive assistance to our valuable clientele.
If you wish to embrace strength, power, and vigor for your construction projects, associating with HFAIPL will be the best thing to do.

Our products

With years of experience in the round steel bar manufacturing and production arena, we have the expertise and technology to manufacture the following products.


service-icon1 8620 Round Bars

As one of the pioneering names in this sector, Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures commercial-grade, anti-corrosive, and rust-resistant steel round bars.

These bars have thicknesses of 6mm to 80mm and find applications in diverse projects.


service-icon2 1010 Ms. Bright Round Bars

If you are looking for high-performance round steel bars within 5mm to 80mm diameter for big projects, we offer some great options for you.

Our round bars come with hexagonal specifications of 6mm to 60mm and are quite affordable too.


service-icon3 OHNS Round Bars Supplier

Known for their robust structure, high strength, and unique finish, the OHNS Round Bars are the most important components for some projects. At HFAIPL, we carry out stringent quality testing processes for every single bar. Clients can also get the best deals from us.


service-icon4 1018 MS Bright Round Steel Bar

As one of the leading steel bar manufacturers in Pune, we at Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. possess the desired expertise to meet the diverse demands of various sectors. Our top-grade 1018 bars will comply with international standards of performance, thus laying the foundation for highly successful construction projects.


service-icon5 EN24 Round Bars

Right from choosing the raw material to carrying out the manufacturing and quality-testing processes, we at HFAIPL extend valuable support to our clients. Our EN24 round steel bars belong to the topmost quality standards and are also available at competitive pricing. With our highly dependable logistics partners by our side, we will ensure safe and secured delivery of the product.


service-icon4 EN19 Bright Round Bars

With diameters of 5mm to 80mm along with hexagonal measurements of 16mm to 50mm, our EN19 bars will meet various industrial requirements. Depending upon the needs of the project, you can choose between flat or square shapes.


Join Hands with Leaders

With these products, Hindustan Ferro Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the ideal partner for steel round bar manufacturing, production, and shipping. Our unwavering quality helps ensure that you would never have to search for another manufacturer once you have worked with us.

No project is too big or small for us, and we always strive hard towards achieving unsurpassed excellence. Get in touch with us for top-quality and commercial-grade round steel bars.