Alloy Steel

With so many companies entering the steel industry, it is becoming more and more difficult for individuals and businesses to identify the right service provider. We at Hindustan Ferro, understand all your issues and therefore we manufacture alloy steel of first grade. We do make use of good quality raw materials so that you get the best possible alloy steel for carrying out the manufacturing process in your unit. We deal in offering alloy steel bars such as EN 18, 19, 24 and 47.

Our specialty lies in the fact that we are known to supply alloy steel bars to various industries such as automobile and machine manufacturing. Other operations such as process, forging and allied segments also becomes simple with the use of alloy steel offered by Hindustan Ferro. Our range of alloy steel includes round - diameter 850mm, square – diameter 400mm, flats - diameter 300mm x 80mm. Hindustan Ferro offers you the best quality alloy steel which can help you in making the manufacturing easier.

As the official suppliers of top notch alloy steel, we at Hindustan Ferro hold comprehensive stocks of the same. Our products include case hardening steel, including engineering steel and nitriding steel. We even cut steel grades according to your preferences. Our alloy steel grades can be easily purchased in flat bar, plate and round bar. We do meet all the quality standards and therefore our product won’t disappoint you.

The benefits of buying alloy steel

  • Hindustan Ferro offers the best quality alloy steel which is lighter than other metals. This is the reason behind its popularity in the automobile industry.
  • Alloy has the ability to dissipate heat more efficiently as compared to other metals. Therefore, it is used widely in machine manufacturing units.
  • It is easier to cast alloy into different shapes and hence we at Hindustan Ferro, receive maximum amount of orders for alloy steel.

Whenever you are planning to invest a hefty sum of money into business, it is important that you choose the right service provider who can offer you a complete peace of mind as well as the right products to ensure smooth manufacturing of products. Hindustan Ferro, offers the right kind of products at affordable rates that will allow you to stay ahead of competition.