Carbon Steel

With the most dedicated professionals and excellent management teams working to deliver you the best quality products, Hindustan Ferro ranks amongst the top companies’ delivery quality steel. It is the company’s diverse and deep inventory, which makes it one of the most sought after ones in the industry. Carbon steel, alloy steel, mild steel and non-ferrous metal are some of the common products manufactured by Hindustan Ferro. The company specializes in partnering arrangements with all types of clients and they are also known to deliver quality products at affordable rates.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is one of the most popular forms of steel. It is a type of alloy which consists of carbon and iron. There are various other elements too which are present in carbon steel. However, they are available in minimum quantities. Hindustan Ferro provides top quality carbon steel at economical rates. Carbon steel comes in four variants namely: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel and very high carbon steel depending upon their make and properties. With Hindustan Ferro, you can depend entirely to get the best quality carbon steel according to your preference.

Carbon steel is mainly used in various industries due to the fact that it offers higher strength and better performance. It also comes with features such as reduced ductility, weld-ability and impact durability. Some of the major applications of carbon steel comprise in forging spring steels, rail steels, grades, wire rope, pre-stressed concrete, wear resistant steels and tire reinforcement. It is due to this reason that carbon steel at Hindustan Ferro is produced with the best raw materials so that the overall performance of your applications can improve significantly.

Why choose Hindustan Ferro for buying quality carbon steel?

  • Hindustan Ferro has a wide selection of carbon steel bars that can easily meet your requirements
  • The rates offered by the company are easily affordable
  • The company offers a range of round steel bars up to the diameter of 850mm, square steel bar of up to the diameter of 400mm, flat steel up to the diameter of 300mm x 80mm
  • Steel products manufactured using the best quality raw materials which results in high quality final products

With a great background and track record, Hindustan Ferro ranks amongst the top carbon steel providers across the nation.